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Commercial Roof Repair

What adds YEARS to your roof? 

Commercial roof repair that keeps the water out of your building, and money back into your pocket. 

What we GUARANTEE for you:

  • Comprehensive Pre Repair Inspections.
    • We will get to know your roof and your needs.
  • Fair and Budget Friendly options for your Commercial Roof Repair. 
    • We never dive head first into a repair, we provide the options YOU are paying for.
  • A roofing Experience you won’t forget.
    • We don’t look at each client as a one-and-done situation. We strive for each relationship to be long term. This means giving the BEST results, the BEST options, and the BEST communication. 
  • Results that save you thousands, or more.
    • What’s the best side effect of roof repair? Getting ahead of those nasty emergency replacements or massive repairs due to roof neglect. 

Saving yourself thousands or more and your roof from severe damage HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER.

Get Reliable Results TODAY.

ROOF NEGLECT, ROOF REPAIR, and what it means for you.

In a perfect world reroofing would be a one-and-done solution. 

Unfortunately it is not, and far too many roofs are having to be replaced prematurely because of neglect. 

Sun, snow, wind, ice, rain. Even the strongest roof can’t withstand the extremes of Canadian weather without risk of damage.

With our comprehensive repair and maintenance services, you can stay ahead of a disaster. 

Keep your roof up to par against any weather that rolls through and have peace of mind about your building’s greatest asset. 

Many commercial roof owners don’t realize how much money they’re losing by neglecting their roof. 

  • Emergency costs are doubled or tripled.
  • Structural damage can occur in and around your building due to roof neglect.
  • The insulation, and other inner workings of your roof can be soaked and destroyed resulting in an entire new roof needed instead of a simple single layer roof replacement that only costs you a fraction of the price.  

Types of roof damage that often leads to complete roof replacement:

  • Leaks
  • Wind, sun, ice, hail, snow, storms, and water damage
  • Sagging in the roof
  • Damaged ventilation
  • Mold and Algae
  • Deteriorated flashing
  • Gutter or drain clogging

All simple fixes, all incredibly damaging if left untouched. 

The most alarming thing about all of this is often no one will notice the damage until it has created so much destruction that the building needs a new roof. 

It is a domino effect. One breach on your roof usually leads to several, and then your roof needs to be replaced long before you thought you would need a new roof. 

The value of your money spent on that roof cut short. Damage that could have been prevented.

How to know when you need Commercial Roof Repair.

Do you want to insure your roof’s longevity? Do you want to increase your roof’s value and save more?

Then it’s time to look into commercial roof repair. 

Here are a few easy indicators to when you need an inspection to determine whether your roof needs repair. 

  • Has a storm rolled through? 
    • Get an inspection done as soon as possible, often storm damage is not visible until real lasting damage is done. 
  • Was this season of the year an intense one?
    • If your area experienced extreme heat, wind, rain, snow or other severe weather, get an inspection as soon as you can. Damage is often overlooked until it’s irreversible. 
  • Annual inspections are highly encouraged, this ensures that you have at least a yearly checkup on your roof.  

  • Are you worried or suspicious that there may be unseen damage? 
    • Get an inspection done, it never hurts to be safe.

Why are we the best bet for your Commercial Roof Repair?

At JR & Co we refuse to treat your roof like a “simple procedure”. 

With over 30 years in the business we know our way on and around every type and condition of roof.

If you’re already concerned about damage, why send someone up who will cost you thousands of extra dollars in additional damage? 

Commercial Roof Repair is not just a simple procedure, at least it shouldn’t be for your roofer. 

With the proper roof repair your roof will last years beyond what the unmaintained roof will last. This increases the value and longevity of your roof, saving you money in the long run. 

Inspections, diagnosis, and repair should be done with care and precision. 

And when the roof is done carelessly? 

There is lasting and severe damage. Often going beyond the damage of the original problem. This not only sets you back with your time, it also increases the cost of proper repair for your roof or possibly even replacing it. 

It pays to trust your roofer.

Which is why we strive to be Reliable, Respectable, and Referable, with every phone call, every inspection, every client, every question, and every roof. 

We know how to fully give back the value of the dollar you spend for your roof.

We provide quality inspections, advice, roof materials, and repairs.  We don’t give our clients second best because we know they deserve the best. Everytime. No exceptions. 

Don’t worry about wasting your money and your time anymore! Give us a call or contact us today! 

And for our selected clients we offer the next level of Commercial Roof Repair.


What’s the difference between “frivolous work” and maintenance? 


Why do we offer a Commercial Roof Maintenance program?

It’s as simple as we want to give our clients the BEST EXPERIENCE, THE MOST OUT OF THEIR ROOF, and THE MOST OUT OF THEIR MONEY. 

What ensures that you truly get every second of life out of your roof? Keeping on top of your maintenance. 

What guarantees that our clients are spending less on their roof? By getting ahead of huge damages resulting in a complete new roof system instead of a simple cost efficient roof replacement.  

What ensures that our clients get the absolute best experience out of the whole process? A hands free, worry free, program that keeps you on top of your roof’s health without lifting a finger. 

About the Program. 

What are you really paying for when you buy our Axis Maintenance Roof Program? Is the cost really worth the outcome?

A professionally maintained commercial roof will last 30 and some years. An unmaintained commercial roof might make it to 20 years. That’s 10 EXTRA years of life out of your roof! 

Our clients experience the comfort of knowing their roof is not only maintained regularly, but knowing that whenever bumps come up in the road, they won’t feel a thing. 

Axis clients have forgotten about their roof. 

Not literally, but the ease they feel when they think about the protection and defense their roof provides their building against time and weather is just as good as not even needing to remember it’s there.

  • Are you worried that you have damage after a storm rolls through?
  • Our Axis clients have a technician there within 24 hours to assess their roof and give them every option they could need tailored to them. 
  • Did you know damage and lack of maintenance will increase your insurance costs?
  • Our Axis clients never have to worry about paying more on their insurance because of lack of maintenance. We stay ahead of any issue or damage that may occur and grow. 
  • Are you looking at that roof damage wondering about what could have been done to prevent it and save your money and time?
  • Our Axis clients never have to second guess on damage, because it is taken care of and off of their checklist before they know it. 

The greatest unknown benefit of our maintenance program is when it comes time for the reroof, it will be a fraction of the price of a full replacement because you only need to redo the top layer of your roof. 

What additional benefits would I receive as an Axis member?

At JR & Co we pride ourselves on giving each and every one of our clients the best treatment because they deserve the best. For our Axis clients, they are not only getting the best, they’re also getting bonuses on top of the best.

Here are a few:

  • A Guaranteed 24/7 Emergency Disaster Response Team.
  • Never worry about missed damage with our thorough, 20-point annual inspections.
  • Prevent costly and time-consuming repairs and emergencies with our early roof leak detection. 
  • Receive prioritized scheduling on all projects.
  • 5 of the best methods we use to reinforce your results:
    • Facility management staff to track work orders and repairs. 
    • Identify problem sites. 
    • Review quarterly expenditures.
    • Prepare expenditure forecasts.
    • Track overall maintenance expenses, delivered to you.
  • PLUS saving thousands to millions on your next reroof.

“Keeping up with maintenance is better than a spoonful of sugar—it’s the recipe for a roof’s longevity. Neglect is akin to inviting Father Time to chip away at your crown. Small leaks and minor damages can transform into catastrophic issues if neglected. Stitch in time saves nine, as the saying goes, and nowhere is this truer than with roof upkeep.” - Roofers Digest


Axis Roof Maintenance is the best thing that will ever happen to your roof. Not only will it take the pressure and stress off of you, you will also know from reports, pictures and updates that your roof will live it’s longest strongest life because it is getting the care every roof needs.