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What is the fastest way to peace of mind about your roof and the best roofing experience?

JR & Co Commercial Roofing Solutions. Feel that stress melt away while you experience how commercial roofing should be.

Welcome to JR & Co The roofing company that gives our clients EXACTLY what they paid for.

  • The roofing experience you have always wanted.
    • Reliable
    • Respectable
    • Referable
  • The most out of your money and your roof.
    • Commercial roofing that keeps water out of your building and money in your pocket.
  • The strongest lasting results that go beyond a roof replacement or repair.
    • Customizable inspections, maintenance, and repairs that add years to the life of your roof. 
  • 35+ Years of Commercial Roofing Expertise. 
    • A company that started as a dream and now fulfills visions and builds solutions.

Here at JR & Co we like to say there are two types of commercial roofing clients

People who are frustrated with roofing results, bad experiences, time wasted, and money blown. 


It’s time to experience the difference of Reliable, Respectable, and Referable Commercial Roofing. 


What is better than a new and improved roof? 

A new and improved roof AND the best roofing experience! 

Here at JR&Co we don’t just service you, we craft our services JUST FOR YOU. 

From the moment we are in contact with you to the last details on the project. Every step of  the way is clear and easily managed. 

Whether it is a whole roof redo, or a task as simple as clearing the snow from our clients’ roofs, we make them feel valued, because they are. 

When we say we are the best roofing contractors we say it with pride. We have put in the hours and the effort to achieve the results that our clients want.

With every task that we perform we seek to exceed expectations and raise the bar.

Get ready for first-rate commercial roofing solutions, check out our options for you!


Service & Repair

Get ahead of costly damage due to neglect and wear and tear and watch as your savings stack. 

Discover expert roof repair services at JR & Co, where our skilled team ensures durable, high-quality fixes for all your roofing issues. Trust us for prompt, professional solutions that protect your building and strengthen its longevity.


Roof System Replacement

Get the roofing results you want, done right the first time, and receive the full value you paid for.

JR Roofing Inc. specializes in top-tier roof replacement services, offering reliable and high-quality solutions to upgrade and protect your commercial building. Trust our experienced team for a seamless, professional installation that enhances your property’s value.


Roof Inspection

Want to know the secret to saving thousands? Get ahead of damage and learn when your roof needs the extra boost or repair with our in depth inspections. 

JR & Co offers comprehensive roof inspection services to ensure your roof remains in peak condition. Our expert team provides thorough evaluations and proactive upkeep, safeguarding your building from potential issues while extending the life of your roof.


Snow Removal

Save yourself the headache of having to replace or extensively repair your roof after a cave in or ice damming. Get your roof cleaned and free from that extra weight and strain. 

JR & Co provides efficient and reliable snow removal services to keep your roof safe and clear during winter. Our professional team ensures prompt and thorough snow clearance, preventing damage and maintaining the integrity of your roof.


Our Commercial Roofing Mission

At JR & Co, our mission is to deliver exceptional commercial roofing services that exceed client expectations. 

We prioritize 

  • Quality workmanship 
  • Reliable service 
  • Lasting professional relationships

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a stress-free, satisfying experience for every client. By focusing on superior craftsmanship and customer care, we protect and enhance your investments, serving Saskatchewan, Alberta, and beyond with expertise and integrity.

About Us

From one crew in 1986 in  small town iowa, to many branches spanning across America and Canada we are here to meet your needs as a business. 

JR & Co. Roofing strives to stand as a beacon of excellence in the roofing industry, serving both commercial and private clientele. 

With a steadfast dedication to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled customer care, we have garnered recognition from leading roofing manufacturers. Our commitment lies in delivering roofing solutions that not only safeguard your investments but also foster enduring professional relationships.

No matter where we have expanded, or how we have grown as a company, we still set our reputation on reliable, respectable, and referable. We know when you prioritize your clients you prioritize success. 

Let Us Know How We Can Provide You with a Superior Commercial Roofing Solution.

Here at JR & Co, we’ve made our name by individually crafting your experience. We take pride in being the best – from repairs to replacements, inspections to snow removal. 

We strive to exceed expectations for each client, aiming to create lifelong relationships by delivering exceptional results and experience.

We are committed to providing the finest commercial roofing services for you. We aim to make every step of the process enjoyable rather than amplifying pressure on our clients. 

Our highly-skilled technicians strive to exceed expectations, are attentive to every detail, and address emergency situations 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

We proudly serve all of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and beyond with re-roofing expertise and our repair division.  

Contact us today to get the Commercial Roofing Experience and Results that should be expected. 

Why waste your time and money. It’s time to experience the difference of Reliable, Respectable, and Referable Commercial Roofing. 

What Our Customers Say

Had a great experience having these folks out to install a plumbing stack on a work project. Really appreciated when I called the business line, someone answered, same day came for an in-person quote and had the work done well and timely. Thanks JR Roofing
Adrea Propp
Adrea Propp
JR & Co recently removed snow from our condo...we are impressed with the service they provided! From receiving a very quick response, from John, in getting a quote to his guys being here quicker than we expected the service was exceptional. A big thanks to Anthony and his crew. I would recommend JR & Co without hesitation.
Colonial Place Condo Corp
Colonial Place Condo Corp
JR & Co. Roofing were quick to reply to my request and sent a crew out to remove the snow on the roof. Dakota and his co-worker were great. They got the job done and cleaned up after the snow was removed. I would recommend JR & Co. without hesitation.
Michelle Nogier
Michelle Nogier
Just had Dakota and his helper( I’ve forgotten her name sorry)remove 3 feet of snow from my roof. They did a great job and did a great clean up of my doorways and driveway. Very professional crew.
Lori Wehrens
Lori Wehrens
Spoke with Dakota and he was very knowledgeable and willing to help, even after we realized that JR Roofing wasn’t the right place for what I was needing. He offered suggestions and advice, I appreciated it so much!!
Kimberley Camboia
Kimberley Camboia
Outstanding customer service! Excellent work quality!
RM Autogroup
RM Autogroup
JR recently completed 3 roof projects at our warehouses which consisted or addressing several leaks and some ice-damming. Dakota and Mike in the repair division were great to deal with. They were friendly, punctual and completed each project thoroughly and on time. They communicated with us during each project and followed up afterwards, ensuring we were satisfied with the each job. They are now our go-to when it comes to roof repairs.
Ryan Coquet
Ryan Coquet
Had the guys come out to our town for 2 big roofs. Couldn’t ask for a better crew of guys. They got busy completed both roofs in excellent time and did a fabulous job. Thank you very much. Would recommend to all and already have.
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson
Most of my communication has been with Dakota and I appreciate his professionalism, quick responses and explanations of the work done. We are very pleased with the work JR Roofing has done to date. Thank you!
June Fedrau
June Fedrau