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Reliable | Respectable | Referable

Superior Commercial Roofing Solutions from Saskatoon’s Experienced Local Experts

Superior Commercial Roofing Solutions from Saskatoon and Alberta’s Experienced Local Experts

Dealing with roof trouble is stressful enough.  Don’t have a bad experience as well.

Here at JR & Co, we’ve made our name by individually crafting your experience.We take pride in being the best – from repairs to replacements, inspections to snow removal. 

We are committed to providing the finest commercial roofing services for you. We aim to make every step of the process enjoyable rather than amplifying pressure on our clients. 

Our highly-skilled technicians strive to exceed expectations, are attentive to every detail, and address emergency situations 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

We proudly serve all of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and beyond with re-roofing expertise and our repair division.  

Get in touch with JR & Co and experience the difference of Reliable, Respectable, and Referable Commercial Roofing.


Here at JR&Co we don’t just service you, we craft our services just for you

From the moment we are in contact with you to the last details on the project. Every step of  the way is clear and easily managed. Whether it is a whole roof redo, or something as simple as clearing the snow from our clients roof, we make them feel like our valued client, because they are. 

When we say we are the best roofing business we say it with pride. Because we know that we have put in, the hours, the effort, and the results that our clients want. 

With every task that we perform we seek to exceed expectations and raise the bar.

Get ready for first-rate commercial roofing solutions, check out our options for you!


Service & Repair


Leak Investigation


Maintenance (AXIS Roof Maintenance Program)


Roof System Replacement


Roof Inspection


Snow Removal


Our Commercial Roofing Mission

At JR & Co, our mission is to deliver exceptional commercial roofing services that exceed client expectations. 

We prioritize 

  • quality workmanship 
  • reliable service 
  • and lasting professional relationships

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a stress-free, satisfying experience for every client. By focusing on superior craftsmanship and customer care, we protect and enhance your investments, serving Saskatchewan, Alberta, and beyond with expertise and integrity.

About Us

From one crew in 1986 small town iowa, to many branches spanning across America and now Canada we are here to meet your needs as a business. 

JR & CO strives to stand as a beacon of excellence in the roofing industry, serving both commercial and private clientele. 

With a steadfast dedication to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled customer care, we have garnered recognition from leading roofing manufacturers. Our commitment lies in delivering roofing solutions that not only safeguard your investments but also foster enduring professional relationships.

No matter where we have expanded, or how we have grown as a business we still set our reputation on reliable, respectable, and referable. Because we know when you prioritize your clients you prioritize success. 

What Our Customers Say

Our roof was damaged severely by a storm last year and the crew at JR Roofing took amazing care of us. They were very thorough and explained everything step by step. Definitely recommend !
We are very pleased with the roof maintenance work J.R. & Co. Roofing completed. Excellent quality, value, and professionalism. They were also very responsive to details affecting scope as the project progressed. Definitely 5 stars service and highly recommend. Thank you so much.
Tod Galbraith
Tod Galbraith
JR & Co Roofing was quick to pick up the phone, to show up and inspect our roof, send us a quote that was super competitive and finally get the work done on time and on budget. Highly recommended.
Laurie Meschishnick
Laurie Meschishnick
Amazing staff! I have had nothing but great experiences with JR & Co. Roofing!
Allison Stakiw
Allison Stakiw
Great team of people to work with. Highly recommend.
Chanda Fay Lockhart
Chanda Fay Lockhart
The company i will recommend to anyone out there
anthony maina
anthony maina