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 Alberta Commercial Roofing Services.

Commercial Roofing solutions that keep the rain out of your building, the money back in your pocket, and gives you the healthiest happiest version of your roof.

If you have landed on our page you’re here because you have a dream outcome for your roof.

Whether it is a deadline, budget needs, a previous bad experience you have an ideal you want to hit for your roof.

Today is your lucky day. 

Welcome to JR&Co. The roofing company that gives our clients EXACTLY what they paid for.

  • The roofing experience you have always wanted.
    • Reliable
    • Respectable
    • Referable
  • The most out of your money and your roof.
    • Commercial roofing that keeps the water out of your building and the money back in your pocket
  • The strongest lasting results that go beyond a roof replacement or repair.
    • Customizable inspections, maintenance, and repairs that add years to your roof and thousands to your savings. 
  • 35+ Years of Commercial Roofing Expertise. 
    • A company that started as a small dream and now fulfills visions and builds solutions.

Here at JR&Co. we like to say there are two types of commercial roofing clients

People who are frustrated with roofing results, bad experiences, time wasted, and money blown. 


It’s time to experience the difference of Reliable, Respectable, and Referable Commercial Roofing. 

Commercial Roofing Services made for YOU.

When you go to have your roof replaced, repaired, maintained, or inspected we can tell you what you aren’t looking for.

You are not looking for:

  • More stress to add to your checklist.
  • A roof job done poorly.
  • Low quality materials.
  • Low quality service.
  • Bad communication.
  • Mistakes or damage.
  • Prices outside of your budget.
  • Roofing options you don’t want or need.
  • Extra charges.
  • Unsafe working environments. 
  • A rude or unruly crew on your roof. 

And the list can go on and on. 

The short answer is nobody wants a bad experience. 

Here at JR&Co. Roofing we completely understand. And that’s why we want you to enjoy getting a new or repaired roof as much as we enjoy working on your roof. 

For over 35+ years of working in the roofing industry we have grown our reputation on Reliable, Respectable, and Referable. 

We continue to stay family owned and client oriented. On every job and every client interaction we bring our best to the table every time. 

We understand our clients needs and situations and show that by customizing every step for our clients’ ease. 

Worried about your budget meeting your needs? We got you.

Worried your roof is too old or unique to be worked on? We got you!

No matter the setback or concern we are ready and able to make it work just how you need.

Alberta Commercial Roofing Services.

At JR&Co. Roofing we are committed to bringing the absolute best to each and every one of our clients.

We offer tailored roofing services, budget friendly plans and options, and the best roofing experience that you have ever had guaranteed. 

We know that roofing is not the easiest undertaking, there is a lot of stress and pressure involved. That stress starts with finding the right roofer.

Choosing the right roofer is not a walk in the park. Relying on someone to handle your roof and roofing needs properly is never an easy undertaking. There are so many delicate variables and so many business owners and commercial building owners have been burned. 

We understand the place our clients are in. Which is why we prioritize our clients’ experience over everything else.

Because when you prioritize your clients’ experience everything falls seamlessly into place. Because by bringing the best roof results, bringing the safest working environments, bringing a schedule and budget that fits our clients needs, we craft that perfect roofing experience that everyone secretly wants, but rarely ever happens. 

We get even more tailored depending on the area we are in. Which is why we are growing so quickly in Alberta. Here in Alberta we are getting to know our specific clients needs based off of their buildings and their areas.

So this time when you’re choosing a roofer for your roofing needs choose, Reliable, Respectable, Referable. And have satisfaction no matter your needs and situation. 

Learn more about our specific service and roof options. 

Our Roofing Services in Alberta.

We work with all flat and low slope roofs. At JR&Co. Roofing we are not biased, we size up the situation and create a custom plan for each and every client depending on their roof, their situation, and budget.  

Contact us today to hear your options!

Commercial Roof Replacement in Alberta.

Get the roofing results you want done right-the first time, and get the full value you paid for. 

JR Roofing Inc. specializes in top-tier roof replacement services, offering reliable and high-quality solutions to upgrade and protect your commercial building. Trust our experienced team for a seamless, professional installation that enhances your property’s value.

Commercial Roof Repair in Alberta.

Get ahead of costly damage due to neglect and wear and tear and watch as your savings stack. 

Discover expert roof repair services at JR Roofing Inc., where our skilled team ensures durable, high-quality fixes for all your roofing issues. Trust us for prompt, professional solutions that protect your building and strengthen its longevity. 

Commercial Roof Inspection in Alberta.

Want to know the secret of saving thousands? Know when your roof needs the extra boost or repair with our in depth inspections. 

JR Roofing Inc. offers comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance services to ensure your roof remains in peak condition. Our expert team provides thorough evaluations and proactive upkeep, safeguarding your home from potential issues and extending the life of your roof.

Snow Removal in Alberta.

Save yourself the headache of having to replace or massively repair your roof after a cave in or ice damming. Get your roof cleaned and free from that extra weight and strain. 

JR Roofing Inc. provides efficient and reliable snow removal services to keep your roof safe and clear during winter. Our professional team ensures prompt and thorough snow clearance, preventing damage and maintaining the integrity of your roof.

Let Us Know How We Can Provide You with a Superior Roofing Solution.

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